Available Standard Air Receiver Tanks

These vessels are built in accordance with the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

Size Max Pressure Weight Part# Price
30 Gallon300 psig115 lbsAVL-30-16-300$1380
30 Gallon300 psig113 lbsAVR-30-16-300$1710
73 Gallon200 psig220 lbsAVL-73-18-200$1613
73 Gallon250 psig225 lbsAVL-73-18-250$1723
73 Gallon300 psig216 lbsAVL-73-18-300$1780
73 Gallon400 psig314 lbsAVL-73-18-400$2542
73 Gallon550 psig361 lbsAVR-73-18-550$2831
73 Gallon660 psig462 lbsAVL-73-18-660$3125
73 Gallon1100 psig670 lbsAVL-73-18-1100$6592
60 Gallon250 psig176 lbsAVR-60-20-250$1507
60 Gallon300 psig201 lbsAVR-60-20-300$1836
80 Gallon250 psig216 lbsAVR-80-20-250$1646
80 Gallon300 psig255 lbsAVR-80-20-300$2026
80 Gallon550 psig406 lbsAVR-80-20-550$3912
120 Gallon165 psig249 lbsAVR-120-24-165$1950
120 Gallon200 psig269 lbsAVR-120-24-200$1696
120 Gallon250 psig339 lbsAVR-120-24-250$1771
120 Gallon300 psig344 lbsAVR-120-24-300$2797
120 Gallon400 psig439 lbsAVR-120-24-400$3337
120 Gallon550 psig616 lbsAVR-120-24-550$4855
130 Gallon400 psig519 lbsAVR-130-24-400$2781
200 Gallon200 psig380 lbsAVR-200-30-200$1836
200 Gallon200 psig488 lbsAVR-200-30-200E$3251
200 Gallon250 psig460 lbsAVR-200-30-250$2430
200 Gallon300 psig548 lbsAVR-200-30-300$2726
200 Gallon400 psig747 lbsAVR-200-30-400$4003
200 Gallon550 psig1031 lbsAVR-200-30-550$5879
240 Gallon137 psig487 lbsAVR-240-30-137E$3310
240 Gallon200 psig436 lbsAVR-240-30-200$1969
240 Gallon200 psig566 lbsAVR-240-30-200E$3422
240 Gallon250 psig591 lbsAVR-240-30-250$2726
240 Gallon300 psig637 lbsAVR-240-30-300$2868
240 Gallon400 psig884 lbsAVR-240-30-400$4256
240 Gallon550 psig1229 lbsAVR-240-30-550$6571
240 Gallon1100 psig11734 lbsAVR-240-30-1100$14081
300 Gallon200 psig747 lbsAVR-300-36-200E$4219
400 Gallon165 psig635 lbsAVR-400-36-165$2553
400 Gallon200 psig796 lbsAVR-400-36-200$2903
400 Gallon200 psig854 lbsAVR-400-36-200E$4089
400 Gallon250 psig898 lbsAVR-400-36-250$4783
400 Gallon300 psig1142 lbsAVR-400-36-300$5119
400 Gallon400 psig1297 lbsAVR-400-36-400$7110
400 Gallon550 psig1841 lbsAVR-400-36-550$11515
500 Gallon165 psig758 lbsAVR-500-36-165$2763
500 Gallon200 psig936 lbsAVR-500-36-200$3134
500 Gallon250 psig1054 lbsAVR-500-36-250$4783
500 Gallon300 psig1367 lbsAVR-500-36-300$5119
660 Gallon137 psig1039 lbsAVR-660-42-137$3975
660 Gallon165 psig1143 lbsAVR-660-42-165$4201
660 Gallon200 psig1365 lbsAVR-660-42-200$4459
660 Gallon250 psig1528 lbsAVR-660-42-250$5221
660 Gallon275 psig1812 lbsAVR-660-42-275$5926
660 Gallon300 psig2059 lbsAVR-660-42-300$7322
660 Gallon550 psig4090 lbsAVR-660-42-550$16966
1060 Gallon125 psig1589 lbsAVR-1060-48-125$5667
1060 Gallon137 psig1667 lbsAVR-1060-48-137$6540
1060 Gallon150 psig1732 lbsAVR-1060-48-150$5775
1060 Gallon165 psig1879 lbsAVR-1060-48-165$7551
1060 Gallon200 psig2128 lbsAVR-1060-48-200$6563
1060 Gallon250 psig2495 lbsAVR-1060-48-250$9050
1060 Gallon300 psig3142 lbsAVR-1060-48-300$11111
1550 Gallon125 psig2260 lbsAVR-1550-54-125$8352
1550 Gallon137 psig2235 lbsAVR-1550-54-137$8550
1550 Gallon150 psig2284 lbsAVR-1550-54-150$7219
1550 Gallon165 psig2459 lbsAVR-1550-54-165$9382
1550 Gallon200 psig2993 lbsAVR-1550-54-200$11199
1550 Gallon250 psig3603 lbsAVR-1550-54-250$18130
2180 Gallon125 psig2954 lbsAVR-2180-60-125$10114
2180 Gallon137 psig3089 lbsAVR-2180-60-137$10698
2180 Gallon150 psig3173 lbsAVR-2180-60-150$11777
2180 Gallon165 psig3596 lbsAVR-2180-60-165$12076
2180 Gallon200 psig4020 lbsAVR-2180-60-200$14344
2520 Gallon125 psig3158 lbsAVR-2520-60-125$11110
2520 Gallon137 psig3506 lbsAVR-2520-60-137$11285
2520 Gallon150 psig3586 lbsAVR-2520-60-150$12654
2520 Gallon165 psig4053 lbsAVR-2520-60-165$13987
3000 Gallon125 psig3796 lbsAVR-3000-66-125$14186
3000 Gallon137 psig3791 lbsAVR-3000-66-137$14843
3000 Gallon165 psig4838 lbsAVR-3000-66-165$16100
3800 Gallon125 psig4496 lbsAVR-3800-72-125$15810
3800 Gallon137 psig5102 lbsAVR-3800-72-137$17886
3800 Gallon150 psig5462 lbsAVR-3800-72-150$20851
5000 Gallon137 psig6565 lbsAVR-5000-72-137$23746
5000 Gallon150 psig7074 lbsAVR-5000-72-150$26042
5000 Gallon125 psig6033 lbsAVR-5000-84-125$29442
5000 Gallon137 psig7045 lbsAVR-5000-84-137$30662
5000 Gallon150 psig7706 lbsAVR-5000-96-150$31879
15000 Gallon165 psig26076 lbsAVR-15000-120-165$99491

Virtually every industrial building in the USA has an air receiver, air tank installed somewhere in it. The usual function of an air system is to transmit energy generated at a single source to different areas of a facility. The air receiver stores and delivers air pressure when the compressor is not running, and also serves as a pulsation damper and moisture trap. Vacuum receivers act in a similar manner, except that the system imparts suction at the point of usage. Bottling and canning plants are examples of facilities where vacuum handling systems are used. Vacuum receivers do not need to be built to meet the ASME pressure vessel code. However, if code construction is required by the user, and an access manway is called for, one suitable for 15# external pressure must be installed. Because of its compressibility, air can store large amounts of energy which can be dangerous if released suddenly, for example, if an air tank or vessel ruptures. The rules for the design and construction of air receivers are therefore very stringent, and our air receivers are built and tested strictly to the ASME pressure vessel code. Most smaller air receivers are made with a platform on top for the compressor to mount on. These are known as "Pump Mounts", and are built to withstand the vibrations of the pump and motor. Some are made for two compressors, with supports that extend to the ground. These are known as "Duplex" units or "Duplex Air Tank". Air receivers that are installed separately from the compressor, are called "Remote" air tanks. These are usually bigger in size, and part of a system that can include a dryer and other equipment. To save floor space, they are usually vertical. Air tanks can range in size from 10 gallons to 20,000 gallons and larger. However, 240 gallons through 2000 gallons sizes are more typical. We manufacture a comprehensive range of industrial air receivers in all sizes and in working pressures up to 3000#. and carry large stocks of both pump mounts and remotes up to 1500 gallons. These are some of the air receiver tank models only, please call for other sizes.